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    My name is John Holmes.  I graduated from the University of Iowa in 1967, joined the Navy during Viet Nam and got my law degree at Iowa in 1974.  I have been in Waterloo in private practice ever since.  My office is in downtown Waterloo.

    I have a legal assistant, Dawn, who has been with me since 1992.  My father, Wendell, retired in 1994 and died in 2002.  He and I formed Holmes & Holmes in 1989.  Since he retired, I have been in solo practice.

    I do not specialize. I do go to court when necessary (try cases); and I do my own appellate work when necessary.  I am admitted to the bar in Iowa and Nebraska, but my license in Nebraska is not active.  I am also admitted in federal court in Iowa and Nebraska, to the U. S. Eighth Circuit and to the U. S. Supreme Court.

    My purpose in publishing this web site is to provide practical explanations, written by me, of five areas of the law which many people have some contact with.  The first is Wills.  The second is Corporations.  The third is Condominiums.  The fourth is LLCs. The fifth is Non-compete Covenants. These are not fields of practice; and I am not an expert in these subjects.

    In each section I have tried to show and explain some important facets of the substantive law that a layman probably is unfamiliar with; and by doing so, it is my goal to help anyone who is willing to take the time to carefully read these pages.  It is my goal to present pictures, using words, for each of the three topics; and also the reader should then be able to think more clearly about each topic, especially because of the “picture” of each topic presented here. You should use this website to increase your awareness of these five areas of the law. Then go hire your own lawyer if you want advice.

    Please click the + sign by each category in the menu to expand the section revealing additional information. You can also click on the blue links at the bottom of all pages except pdf.

    Each page or any revised or added paragraph will end with the Julian date it was written or revised. 

    This page was written on 04188; it was revised 11241.


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